Five Guys Named Joe

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16 juni 2017
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18 juni 2017
five guys named joe belettering sticker

Jump and Jive, Swing, Swingblues, Jumpblues or Boogie-Woogie, whatever term suits you best… Five Guys Named Joe simply refuse to be categorized any which way!! Call it faith, call it good fortune, fact of the matter is that these Five Guys got together and from the word go, laid down a swing that’s hard to beat. Wholly inspired by the US rhythm and blues charts of the forties and early fifties, they sure know how to get folks a shakin’, a rollin’ and a rattlin’. Don’t expect ear drum drilling sound levels nor tons of equipment… These Guys get the dynamics from their playing and just like to travel light and fast… Carrying years of experience as their main luggage!!!

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